About Greg

I am healer, acupuncturist, herbalist, shiatsu massage therapist, and qi gong practitioner, and educator in natural health and nature connection.  I have been greatly influenced by traditional healing practices for over 35 years, and I draw from indigenous teachings and Chinese Medicine as a way to coach and guide my clients to greater connection,  health, vitality and happiness. I believe healing comes through the heart and that even with serious health conditions, healing is possible.

I am passionate about helping people with chronic psycho-emotional issues, PTSD, and chronic illness.  I utilize acupuncture, Chinese and western herbs,  shiatsu massage,  qi gong, and dietary therapy, and I gently coach people to actualize choices that benefit their health, quality of life, connection, and purpose.   

My greatest inspiration has come through my relationships with indigenous people and indigenous teachings. I am incredibly grateful to those who so generously  share their knowledge and understanding of foundational practices for health and human connection, and teach how important and vital our relationship with nature is for our own health and the world's health.  

I studied Shiatsu massage at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York, and I earned a masters degree from the Academy of Five Element Acupuncture in acupuncture and Chinese herbalism.  I teach Chinese medicine and five element theory at the Shaitsu School of Vermont.  I currently study Classical Chinese herbalism with Sharon Weizenbaum through the Graduate Mentorship Program which includes in depth study in accurate diagnosis and application of herbal oncology, fertility, gynecology, and chronic disease. Having struggled with my own chronic illness for many years, I have great compassion and understanding for those who are suffering.