Our approach to the practice of acupuncture  is rooted in Five Element Acupuncture and Classical Chinese Medicine. We use a hands on approach, using palpation and touch as well as acupuncture needles to assess your overall health and aid you in healing. 

Acupuncture works to open blockages in the body and allow for the free flow of our life force or qi. When our qi is able to flow freely, we can access connection, health and vitality.

Initial acupuncture sessions run 1.5 - 2 hours in length and includes a thorough evaluation of your health history, classical Chinese medicine diagnosis, pulse and tongue diagnosis, and a treatment.  follow-up sessions run 1 hour in length. 



Pediatric Chinese Medicine is an effective way to treat common childhood ailments ranging from ear infection to digestive complaints to issues with sleep, bedwetting, asthma, allergies, skin rashes, eczema and more. When used preventatively, Pediatric Chinese Medicine can help a child stay healthy by tonifying and balancing their immune systems, calming their nervous systems and nourishing their digestion, so that they can better withstand the stressors of modern life. 

When you bring your child in to our clinic for a session, they will receive a calming & restorative treatment with the use of non-needle acupuncture techniques. This includes Shonishin, a non-needle technique from Japan, Tui Na, a Chinese massage technique, and acupressure, or the application of pressure to acupuncture points with touch. Children over the age of 8 who are open to using acupuncture needles may also receive regular acupuncture. You and your child will also receive counseling on dietary and lifestyle changes that will help their symptoms improve, and Chinese herbal formulas to help them along between treatments. 

Pediatric treatments are open to children 12 and under. Initial pediatric treatments run between 45 minutes and 1 hour in length, and follow up sessions run a half hour in length. 


Non-Needle Treatment

For adults and teenagers who want to experience the benefits of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture treatments, but are not open to receiving needles, we offer safe and effective non-needle treatments. In these treatments we apply the use of moxibustion, Shonishin tools, acupressure and massage and work with acupuncture points and meridians in the same way we do with needles. Treatments are gentle and can provide lasting relief for a variety of symptoms, just like acupuncture.

Non-needle treatments are the same length of time and pricing as acupuncture treatments.

Raw Chinese Herbs

Raw Chinese Herbs

Chinese Herbs

Two Trees Healing Center provides custom Chinese herbal formulas in powder and tincture form.  We have  an in house Chinese herb pharmacy with over 150 singe herbs, and we carry a line of pediatric formulas for common childhood ailments.  Herbal medicine is particularly effective when formulated specifically for each individual, and the unique collection of symptoms as well as the underlying root pattern.  Because herbal medicine is taken daily, it is a great addition to acupuncture treatments by enhancing the therapeutic effect over time. There is no extra charge for formulation of herbal prescriptions with acupuncture appointments.  

Herbal consultations are 60 minutes  and follow up appointments 30-45 min. 

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Qi Gong

 The word Qigong (pronounced "Chi Gung") refers to exercises that combine mindful movement and breathing with visualization techniques. Qigong exercises in one form or another have been a part of traditional Chinese culture and healing arts for millennia.   Various breathing and movement practices have been part of the Chinese health care terrain for centuries.  Yangsheng (養生) is the nourishing life tradition of Chinese medicine, the original approach to preventive medicine. Modern studies have shown that different traditional exercise therapies have profound effects on our health. Some of the systems taught at our center include Daoist Taiji Ruler and Stick Neigong, Daoist twelve movement form, 6 healing sounds, and Taiji therapy based on traditional silk reeling exercises.

Greg currently teaches Taiji Ruler and Stick Neigong at the River Valley Aikido Dojo. He is a student of Master Wang Fengming who is a internationally renowned master of Taiji, Qi Gong, and the Nourishing Life tradition of Chinese medicine. Greg credits qi gong for being the main avenue of healing his own chronic illness and maintaining his health. He is also available for private sessions.