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"Greg's work always manages to bring all the human issues tangled up in my body into the larger context of Spirit.  Somehow without a word spoken, his hands teach prayer to the parts of me that have lost their way, and I feel a cascade of release into my own freedom to connect with Spirit more fully.  What I love best about Greg's work is, not only does it feel great while it's happening; over he next several days it feels better and better as more and more of me re-opens into my newfound freedom.  Thanks, Greg!"  

Acupuncture has opened a window to a better understanding of the world and my own wellness. Michaela is an intuitive, kind, thoughtful and hugely effective practitioner of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. After struggling with miscarriages I am now 20 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby and I have found emotional balance and pain relief among other benefits.

"If I could have a three hour session with Michaela everyday, I would do it!! Besides having the most wonderful, intuitive touch, when I am in a session with Michaela, I have a comforting sense of her being guided by my pulses, while she gently reads my body and senses which points to work.

Michaela encouraged me to start having treatments immediately after braking my back from a fall on icy steps. My doctors and Physical therapists both agreed that my recovery was vastly improved from the treatments I was receiving! I wasn't surprised...I felt that acupuncture had saved my life!"


At my monthly acupuncture “tune-up” with Michaela, I return to a stillness deep inside me that comes from her deep listening, intuitive treatment, comfortable space and humor. I love knowing that she is helping my body and energy stay aligned so I can navigate life with ease, joy and delight.



"Five Element Acupuncture treats the individual’s constitution: the whole physical, emotional, energetic body.  When I started working with Greg, who is a Five Elements practitioner, what surfaced was a thrum of anxiety that exists as part of the background noise of my day-to-day life.  I see Greg regularly, and as the healing of anxiety deepened, my experience of it came more to the foreground.  You might call this a crisis of healing.  Not only did Greg work with acupuncture but also with traditional Chinese herbs in order to support me as this was moving through my body and emotions.  I leave my sessions with Greg always feeling more relaxed, at peace, less anxious and sometimes not anxious at all.  I feel seen by Greg.  He listens deeply to the words I say as well as to what my body is communicating when I sit and talk with him at the beginning of the session and while being treated."